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Snoozzz Sleep Positioner

The Snoozzz sleep positioner is a clever sleep wrap designed to keep your baby in your/their desired sleeping position, either on the flat or on an elevation.  It’s also brilliant for giving your baby a sense of security, while reducing the risk of plagiocephaly (flat head), rolling on to their tummy, sliding under the bedding and climbing out of bed. Your baby sleeps comfortably and safely on their back or side without being restricted in their movement. The harness/ wrapper fits comfortably around the tummy and groin, giving plenty of room for leg and arm movements. Also is Snoozzz Sleepwrap a great help for swaddling. The different harnesses/ wrappers makes the sleepwrap easy to adapt to your child developmental changes.

The Snoozzz sleep wrap positioner allows you to have the piece of mind that your baby won’t be slumping or rolling on an elevation. This makes sleeping a more pleasant experience …for both baby and you!

De Snoozzz sleep wrap positioner contains a mattress wrap and babywrap.
Check this page for more information about choosing the perfect sleep wrap positioner for your baby.

“Once our little one learnt how to spin onto her front it became a real torrid time for us. She could stay on her front for no more than 10mins without screaming the house down. Now with the sleepwrap, she stays on her back all night long so we all get the sleep we need! Of all the innovative products we’ve tried for numerous things, this is by far the best.”


Moeder van Sam