How can you handle the jealousy of your oldest child?

It’s quite an adjustment for a child when their baby brother or sister is born. Another child who gets all the attention, a lot of presents and visits, whom everyone wants to hold and can sit with mommy all day. It’s not surprising that most children have difficulties dealing with that. Even if you tried to prepare the sibling well, they can still feel jealous. How do you handle this?

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Why it isn’t that bad to give birth in the winter

It’s always magical to give birth, regardless if it’s winter or summer. Well, giving birth itself isn’t always that magical, but seeing your baby for the very first time is! The opinions about giving birth in the winter vary, but we think the winter has its benefits as well.

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Soothing a sick child: some tips!

For parents it’s heartbreaking to see their child cry or in pain. With all the viruses at the moment, your child get’s sick easily. Most of the time you can only wait to let it pass. But as a parent you want to do something to help him right now. How can you sooth him to make him feel as comfortable as possible?

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What to keep in mind when decorating the baby room: nursery ideas

When you just found out you’re pregnant, you probably allready have a lot of ideas in your head about names, baby clothes and the cutest nursery. Especially women allready know exactly what they want. A baby wants other things then a nice colour on the wall, he wants safety and comfort. We put together a list of important things to keep in mind when decorating the nursery.

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Prepare a brother or sister for a newborn baby

For brothers and sisters it’s almost magical. A baby is growing in mommy’s tummy! It’s so hard to imagine for your little one. And he has to wait 9 more months for him to come. 9 months, how long is that? Is that tomorrow? And even though they are looking forward to it, when the baby is finally here he may not even like it. Especially when you’re going to breast feed your baby, he has to ‘give’ a lot of his mommy time to his new baby brother or sister. How can you prepare your kid(s) for this big change? We’re happy to give you some practical tips to prepare a brother or sister for a newborn baby.

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Be prepared to deliver: what do you need to take to the hospital?

If you’re about to deliver in these busy, chaotic days, it’s nice to be prepared. Especially when it’s going to snow or freeze, the ride to the hospital can take a little longer and it will be even more important to leave your house quickly when it’s time to go. It’s allready exciting enough! Which products do you definitely need to take with you to the hospital?

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How to keep your baby warm

When you just had your first child, everything is new and exciting. How do I hold him firm but gently? How often does he have to eat? What do I do when he cries? When your baby is born during those cold days, and on every other day, you’re gonna wonder if he’s not too cold or warm and how you can keep him warm. Too cold is not good but too warm neither. Oh dear, can I get a manual…? We’re glad to give you some tips for the first weeks.


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Je baby warm houden

Als je baby net geboren is, is alles nog nieuw en spannend. Hoe hou ik hem het beste vast? Hoe vaak moet ik hem voeden? Oh hij huilt, wat moet ik doen?? Wanneer je baby´tje in deze gure dagen geboren wordt, maar ook bij alle andere temperaturen, zul je je ook afvragen of hij het niet te warm of te koud heeft en hoe je hem het beste op temperatuur kunt houden. Te koud is natuurlijk niet fijn voor je baby maar te warm is ook weer niet goed. Ehm…mag ik er een handleiding bij misschien…? Wij geven je graag een aantal bruikbare tips waar je direct mee aan de slag kunt in de kraamweek.

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