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Safe sleep for your baby!

Babies sleep a lot! This is important for their development. Snoozzz is specialized in safe sleeping products for your baby. Unique mattresses, the special anti-reflux pillow or our unique sleep wrap for a better sleeping rhythm.

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The perfect support

Especially for you and your baby we have developed a wonderfully soft and flexible pillow. A lovely sleeping buddy, a pillow for feeding or relaxing.

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Style and functionality

Going out with your baby has never been so relaxed… thanks to the Snoozzz Diaper Bag. A modern diaper bag and organizer in one. Available in two colours.

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“Our daughter has acid reflux badly. We were told by her pediatrician to elevate her crib mattress. I found that when I laid her in her crib, soon after she would have slid down or rolled over to the side. This terrified me to think of her sleeping through the night in her crib. I tried using towel rolls to prevent her from moving but they didn’t help. Then we found Snoozzz! This is a must have for reflux babies! She now sleeps peacefully on her back and I can sleep peacefully too knowing she isn’t going to roll over! Love this product!.”


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