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The best products for your baby

Snoozzz is your helping hand! We specialise in unique baby products that make your life easier so you can enjoy your pregnancy and that wonderful baby time even more. With Snoozzz you never ever have to worry about safety. Because safety is the basis of all our products. Our products meet the safety standerds and are also Oeko-tex-100 certified. With Snoozzz your baby is in safe hands.🧡

snoozzz pillow

Does your baby sleep safely?

Children sleep a lot! That is important for their development. Snoozzz specialises in safe sleep products for your baby. Unique mattresses, the special reflux pillow or our unique sleep wrap for a better sleeping rhythm.

Support for your baby and you.

Especially for you and your baby, we have developed a wonderfully soft and flexible nursing pillow. A wonderful sleeping companion, a pillow for feeding or relaxing in 30 different designs..

Never a mess again!

Going out with your baby has never been so relaxed…. thanks to the Snoozzz diaperbag. A fashionable diaperbag and organizer in one. Available in black and brown.

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