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a helping hand for mum!

Enjoy your pregnancy, your baby and your family with Snoozzz! We offer you the best products and support.  A good sleep, relaxing, safety… because you as a mother (and father) can use some help.

All Snoozzz products have been developed with great care to help you fully enjoy this special time. Safe and comfortable products that are made to make you happy?.

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baby sleep

Sweet dreams...

Baby´s sleep a lot! It is important for their development. They spend many more hours in bed than adults. A newborn baby sleeps more than 20 hours a day. A good and safe sleeping environment is essential for children.

Snoozzz specializes in safe and comfortable sleeping for your baby. Soft sleeping bags, well-ventilating mattresses or our unique Sleepwrap for a better sleep rhythm. Check our blog regularly for sleep tips and sign up for the newsletter.

Snoozzz Sleep

A moment to relax...

The Snoozzz Nursing Pillow is a soft comfortable pillow. It can be used during pregnancy, gives great support and comfort. The Snoozzz nursing pillow is also a great support while feeding your baby. Enjoy the relax feeling using the Snoozzz Nursing pillow.

Your baby can relax in the Snoozzz Nursing pillow thanks to the soft fabrics and filling of small eps microbeads. The Snoozzz Nursing pillow provides comfortable support and relieves your neck and shoulders. This makes feeding a more pleasant experience… for both baby and you!

The Snoozzz Nursing Pillow is available in several color combinations.

Nursing Pillows

Our unique sleepwrap

For most parents, the arrival of a baby brings with it a new set of concerns. Is the baby warm and comfortable enough? What is he slips under the bedding? Did he roll onto his tummy and can’t roll back over again?

With the Snoozzz Sleep Positioner, you can be sure that your child is lying in bed in the same position in the morning as when you put him to bed the night before. And that makes sleeping a more pleasant experience…for both baby and you!

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“Our daughter has acid reflux badly. We were told by her pediatrician to elevate her crib mattress. I found that when I laid her in her crib, soon after she would have slid down or rolled over to the side. This terrified me to think of her sleeping through the night in her crib. I tried using towel rolls to prevent her from moving but they didn’t help. Then we found Reste! This is a must have for reflux babies! She now sleeps peacefully on her back and I can sleep peacefully too knowing she isn’t going to roll over! Love this product!.”

Sleep Positioners

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