Padding for feeding pillow

Feeding pillow filling, loose filling for in the Snoozzz feeding pillow. 1 Bag of 10 liters of fine eps microbeads.

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Silent filling, as fine as sand

Made in Germany


What top service at Snoozzz

What a top service at Snoozzz. Received a pillow as a gift, very happy with it. Although I preferred a different cover. I called and they immediately sent me the cover I preferred. And I immediately received a return label for the old cover. Really top service. They do understand at Snoozzz.


Very satisfied

Very satisfied.
Prompt delivery and everything correct.


Order you won't regret it.

Ordering you won't regret it.
Our feeding pillow was there within 1 day so super fast. Everything looked like it was described. The covers are beautiful and the feeding pillow is super light and soft but very sturdy. Well worth the money.

Buy padding for feeding pillow: EPS micro beads

Of course the outside should be nice and soft, but it is the filling that largely determines the comfort of your pillow. For the feeding pillow, Snoozzz uses a special kind of feeding pillow filling that provides extra comfort. These very fine grains (pearls) are silent and mold completely to the body.

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Why EPS micro beads filling for your feeding pillow?

The filling of a feeding pillow is not always the same. Cheaper feeding pillows often contain Styrofoam balls. These Styrofoam balls are larger and less flexible. Also, these styrofoam balls make noise which can be disturbing. If you choose durability and quality, then feeding pillow filling of EPS micro beads is a good choice. The pellets are as fine as sand and wonderfully soft. This makes the feeding pillow flexible and pliable.

The advantages and disadvantages

EPS micro beads are very fine balls filled with air. This filling makes your pillow a lightweight must-have that you can easily carry with you! The fine structure of the beads makes the filling for your breastfeeding pillow wonderfully soft and silent. Also, the beads mold easily to your body.

Because the EPS microbeads are filled with air, it is possible and quite normal that after some time the filling will become less and the pillow flatter. That is why we have refill packs with 10 liters of EPS Microbeads, so you can refill the Snoozzz feeding pillow to the desired thickness if you want. Filling is done through the zipper in the cotton inner cover.

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Using nursing pillow as maternity pillow

Feeding pillows can also help during pregnancy. Do you suffer from pain in your back, legs, abdomen, shoulders, knees, ankles or hips during your pregnancy? The pregnancy pillow allows you to adopt a natural posture during sleep so you sleep better. When you also use the feeding pillow as a pregnancy pillow, there is more pressure on the feeding pillow. This can cause the pellets to clump together over time, making the feeding pillow appear less filled. You can easily refill the loose filling for your pregnancy pillow.

How do you refill the feeding pillow?

The cotton inner cover features a securely concealed zipper. When you open the zipper, there is a chance that the static EPS microbeads will fall out of the feeding pillow. Therefore, always hold the feeding pillow vertically with the zipper at the top so that no pellets can escape from the pillow. Open the zipper and carefully pour the loose feeding pillow filling into the inner pillow with the existing filling. When the feed pillow is sufficiently filled, carefully close the zipper and then shake up the feed pillow. How much feed pillow filling you add depends on your needs. Make sure the feeding pillow is not completely full. Not only will this make the pillow heavier, it will also make it less flexible and pliable, which does not improve comfort.

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Padding for feeding pillow

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