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Hydrophilic cloths XL

Hydrophilic cloths are wonderful for your little one, especially since they offer so many benefits. At Snoozzz.com you can buy nice large hydrophilic cloths at a nice price.

What are hydrophilic cloths XL anyway?

You can buy wonderfully large hydrophilic cloths for your baby from us, but what exactly are hydrophilic cloths and what do you use hydrophilic cloths for? Originally these cloths were used as diapers, before the period when we started using disposable diapers en masse. Hydrophilic cloths are certainly still used as washable diapers, but more often these days hydrophilic cloths are used to wrap the baby snugly in for high comfort. Hydrophilic cloths are made of a finely woven type of cotton also known as the material "muslin. The term "hydrophilic" means "water-attractive. This says everything about the tremendous ability of these cloths to absorb moisture.

Why buy hydrophilic cloths for your baby?

The hydrophilic cloths XL are optimally breathable, wonderfully soft and nice and light. You can use these cloths as a baby blanket in the crib, but you can also use the large hydrophilic cloths as a drying cloth after the bath. In addition, babies also just love to be nestled in a large hydrophilic cloth. It gives them a sense of comfort, security and safety. This, of course, is very important for your baby. At Snoozzz.com we have various types and colors of hydrophilic cloths XL, in the nice large size of 120 x 120 centimeters. This also makes them great to use as a baby blanket in the crib, as a nice blanket in the playpen or just to play on. You can actually do anything with them!

Order directly our soft hydrophilic cloths XL

The hydrophilic cloths absorb maximum moisture, are breathable and very light, so they can easily be used multifunctionally. Actually, the hydrophilic cloths XL just indispensable! Of course you can order them from us in various fun designs, so there are always fun variants for you. The hydrophilic cloths XL are ideal for your own baby, but are also an original gift for someone else. You can order your favorite hydrophilic cloths directly at a great price. Want more information or advice? Feel free to contact us.