The Snoozzz sleepwrap let your baby sleep safe and comfortable sleep on the back or side. Sleeping in the sleepwrap gives your baby a comfortable and relaxed feeling like in the womb.

*The wrapper supplied is designed for babies from birth to 9 months. The larger wrapper for childres aged 6 to 24 months is seperately available.

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Made of 100% cotton

From birth to 24 months* 

Machine washable

Worldwide delivery

Safe sleep...

The Snoozzz Sleepwrap  gives your baby a sense of security while reducing the risk of a flattened head, tummy sleeping, sliding under the bedding and climbing out of bed at night. Your baby sleeps comfortably and safely on his back or side without being restricted in his movement. 

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What is the Snoozzz Sleepwrap?

The Snoozzz Sleepwrap  is a safe sleep ‘wrapper’ wich  gives your baby that safe and comfortable feeling like in the womb and provides parents their well deserved sleep. Easy to use on all standerd mattresses and fits in your handbag.

It is a mattress wrap and a baby wrap. The mattress wrap, made of cotton, is easy to attach and adapt to the mattress, thanks to the Velcro closure. The supplied baby wrap is suitable for newborn babies up to 9 months. A larger wrap for children from 6 to 24 months is available separately.

Easy to use

Step 1) Wrap the mattress wrap tightly around the mattress, with the “pocket” on the top of the mattress, and close the ends at the bottom with Velcro. Place the baby wrap in the designated opening with the leg piece down

Step 2) Place your baby on his back or side. Fold the left flap under the arms over the baby’s torso.

Step 3) Close the leg piece with Velcro. If you use a swaddle cloth or sleeping bag, fold the leg piece away under the mattress wrap.

Step 4) Flip the right flap over your baby’s body. Make sure that you can place a flat hand between your baby’s torso and the wrap. Your baby now sleeps safely and comfortably on the back or on the side.

When an accident happens in bed? No problem, It is easy to clean just wash the Sleepwrap in the machine. 

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Baby with reflux

When your baby is suffering from reflux, elevating the head of the mattress will provide relief. The Snoozzz wedge is specially designed for reflux problems. You do not have to be afraid your baby slips down under the bedding. Use the Snoozzz Sleepwrap to keep your baby safe in bed.

Baby side sleeping

The Snoozzz Sleepwrap is a safe alternative for the side sleeper pillows and side sleep positioners. Your baby can not roll onto his tummy in the Sleepwrap.

Your baby sleeps safe in de Snoozzz Sleepwrap.

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advantages snoozzz sleepwrap


Lowers the risk of a flattened head, tummy sleeping, sliding under bedding or climbing out of bed at night
• Allows your baby to sleep safely and comfortably on the back or side
• Gives your baby the freedom of movement that is appropriate for its age.
Fits all mattresses
• Also perfect for use on a boat
• Especially suitable for babies suffering from reflux
• Made of 100% cotton: warm in the winter and cool in the summer
 Easy to use and wash
• Can be used with a sleeping bag or swaddler
• Gives both parents and baby a sense of security

Video: How to use the Snoozzz Sleepwrap

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