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Snoozzz Nursing Pillow

The Snoozzz Nursing Pillow is a soft comfortable pillow. It can be used during pregnancy, gives great support and comfort. The Snoozzz nursing pillow is also a great support while feeding your baby. Enjoy the relax feeling using the Snoozzz Nursing pillow.

Your baby can relax in the Snoozzz Nursing Pillow thanks to the soft fabrics and filling of small eps microbeads . The Snoozzz Nursing Pillow provides comfortable support and relieves your neck and shoulders. This makes feeding a more pleasant experience… for both baby and you!

The Snoozzz Nursing Pillow is available in several color combinations.

“Very useful product;provides great back support for the baby but also for the mother; easy to wash and put back on cover. Great colors and very soft.”