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Snoozzz Sleep Positioners

For most parents, the arrival of a baby brings with it a new set of concerns. Is the baby warm and comfortable enough? What is he slips under the bedding? Did he roll onto his tummy and can’t roll back over again?

With the Snoozzz Sleep Positioner, you can be sure that your child is lying in bed in the same position in the morning as when you put him to bed the night before. And that makes sleeping a more pleasant experience…for both baby and you!


“Once our little one learnt how to spin onto her front it became a real torrid time for us. She could stay on her front for no more than 10mins without screaming the house down. Now with the sleepwrap, she stays on her back all night long so we all get the sleep we need! Of all the innovative products we’ve tried for numerous things, this is by far the best.”


Snoozzz Nursing Pillows

The Snoozzz Nursing Pillow is a soft comfortable pillow. It can be used during pregnancy, gives great support and comfort. The Snoozzz nursing pillow is also a great support while feeding your baby. Enjoy the relax feeling using the Snoozzz Nursing pillow.

Your baby can relax in the Snoozzz Nursing Pillow thanks to the soft fabrics and filling of small eps microbeads . The Snoozzz Nursing Pillow provides comfortable support and relieves your neck and shoulders. This makes feeding a more pleasant experience… for both baby and you!

The Snoozzz Nursing Pillow is available in several color combinations.



“Very useful product;provides great back support for the baby but also for the mother; easy to wash and put back on cover. Great colors and very soft.”


Snoozzz Babyseats

The Snoozzz Babyseat is a safe and comfortable beanbag for your baby.

The  soft, removable top made of terry is provided with the unique Snoozzz system. The Snoozzz Babyseat is filled with EPS microbeads. This gives great comfort and support to your baby.

The Snoozzz Babyseat can be used for babies age newborn and older. With the unique Snoozzz system your baby is safe and comfortable. Enclosed is an extra top made of the same upholstery as the side of the Snoozzz beanbag. When your baby is older, you zip this part on top of the Snoozzz Babyseat and you create a modern pouf or ottoman.

We have used the latest upholstery for the Snoozzz Babyseat.

This great Baby bouncer is wonderfull for our daughter. She enjoy sitting in the Snoozzz Babyseat and it gives her support on her back and neck. It also looks great in our livingroom.


Snoozzz Hooded Towels

De Snoozzz Hooded Towel is very soft and made from 100% terry cotton. Super absorbent for fast and fuss-free drying after bath time. It has an opening specially made for using in combination with the Snoozzz Sleep Positioner and Snoozzz Babyseat. This is also useful in the carseat.

De Snoozzz Hooded Towels are available in different colours.

“What a great hooded towel! Very soft and very nice colours. The opening is great for using in combination with the babyseat and in the car seat.”


Snoozzz Burb Cloths

Snoozzz Burb Cloths are very soft made of 100% terry cotton.

The Snoozzz Burb Cloth can be put over the shoulder when your baby is being winded, or used to protect clothes from any of the accidental little spills that can occur during and after feeding


The Snoozzz Burb Cloths are available in different colors