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Snoozzz Sleep Positioner, size XL

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The Snoozzz Sleep Positioner XL  is a clever sleep wrap designed to keep your baby in your/their desired sleeping position. It’s also brilliant for giving your baby a sense of security, while reducing the risk of plagiocephaly (flat head), rolling on to their front, sliding under the bedding and climbing out of bed when they are old enough. Your baby sleeps comfortably and safely on their back or side without being restricted in their movement. The harness fits comfortably around the tummy and groin, giving plenty of room for leg and arm movements.

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Product Description

For most parents, the arrival of a baby brings with it a new set of concerns. Is the baby warm and comfortable enough? What if he slips under the bedding? Did he roll into his tummy and can’t roll back over again? With the Snoozzz, you can be sure that your child is lying in bed in the same position in the morning as when you put him to bed the night before. And that makes sleeping a more pleasant experience… for both baby and you!

The Snoozzz Sleepwrap XL contains a mattress and two harnesses wraps. The two harnesses supplied make the sleep wrap easy to adapt as your child grows.
The Mattress wrap is 240 cm and fits a cot and crib mattress. The supplied baby wrap is suitable for babies age 0-4 months. The supplied toddler wrap is suitable for babies age 3-36 months.


  • Helps prevent babies from rolling or turning on their front
  • Great for back sleeping OR side sleeping positions
  • Can be used with a sleeping bag
  • Great for swaddling
  • Gives the safest sleep position without restricting natural movement
  • Helps prevent accidents caused by babies getting jammed in cot slats or attempting to climb out of the cot
  • The swaddling effect of the wrap can promote a sense of security and correct use of the wrap and may give a more restful sleep
  • Convenient for travelling – can be rolled up and placed in a nappy bag providing a great alternative to bulky travel cots
  • Washing machine safe 60 degrees.

Additional Information


Mattress wrap 240 cm length + Baby wrap + Toddler wrap


0 – 36 months

Mattress size

Cot, crib and standerd single bed


100% cotton


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