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Our Story

Snoozzz means safe, comfortable and quality. All our products are designed with love.

Snoozzz was nominated for the best baby product of the year during world’s largest trade fair show.

The Snoozzz products are available worldwide. We invite you to take a look on this website and enjoy the safe and comfortable Snoozzz products. Snoozzz makes sleeping, feeding and relaxing a more pleasant experience…for both baby and you!

Do you have questions about the Snoozzz products, our company or do you want to share your experiences with us? Let us know, we are curious about your stories and want to share our knowledge with you.

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— The Snoozzz Team

About Snoozzz

“Many thanks for your interest in Snoozzz! As mother of two great boys, I know you want your baby grown up safely and happy. We would like to help you with our safe and comfortable products. Feel free to contact us for all your questions! We would love to share knowledge.”

Jeanette Swinkels


The safest and most comfortable products for your baby

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