Swaddle XL Brode blanc

The Snoozzz Swaddles XL are made of 100% cotton, feel nice and soft, are breathable and absorb a lot of moisture. You can use them as swaddle cloths, wrapping cloths, towels, breastfeeding cloths, cuddle cloths, changing cloths and blankets. In short, they are indispensable in your baby trousseau.

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Snoozzz hydrofiel doek 120 wit brode
Swaddle XL Brode blanc


Extra large XL size 120 x 120 cm

Oeko-Tex certified. Free of harmful substances

Machine washable at 30 degrees

Sent within 24 hours

Very soft

The Snoozzz muslin Swaddles are made of the best quality cotton fabric, which makes them nice and soft and absorb moisture well. This is important to dry baby's delicate skin and to get the skin folds between the toes, ears and fingers dry and clean.



Snoozzz swaddle wit broderie
Snoozzz hydrofiele doek XL natur Bronze

The perfect swaddle to always have with you

The Snoozzz Swaddles are an indispensable part of your baby outfit. You can use them as a swaddle cloth, summer blanket, sheet, protection against sun and wind, changing cloth, face towel, gives privacy during breastfeeding, picnic blanket, cuddly blanket.


Large XL size

Snoozzz's swaddles are extra large. 120 x 120 cm, they are also double woven. This keeps the Snoozzz swaddles soft and firm even after many washes. This makes these so versatile even when you don't have children.

snoozzz swaddle xl lakentje
Snoozzz hydrofiele doek XL camel met goud

The best quality

All Snoozzz Swaddles are Oeko-tex 100 certified. This means they are safe for your child and contain no harmful substances.
They are produced in Europe and carefully hand packed one by one by our dear partners we have been working with for years, wishing you and your child the best.