Sleepwrap for your baby

In the Snoozzz sleeping wrap, your baby sleeps safely on his back or side. It gives your baby the security of being in the womb and ensures that your baby sleeps better. The sleep wrap is easy to use and fits around any mattress.
Age: newborn to 24 months*.

*The wrapper is suitable for newborn babies up to 6 months. A larger wrapper for babies 6 to 24 months is available separately.

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Sleepwrap for your baby

Made of 100% cotton 

Machine washable

Easy to attach to the mattress 

For use from birth to 24 months

Ordered before 21:59 is free home delivery within 2 days

Finally sleeping!

How glad I am to have purchased these. As a baby my daughter was swaddled, she slept like a log. From the time she started turning and sitting up she kept waking up and had trouble falling asleep. She is much calmer in the Sleep Wrap. Sleeps quietly in and through the night. She is now 10 months old but I wish I had known about this much earlier :).


Perfect solution

If your child is a restless sleeper, this sleep wrap is ideal. Your child remains calm and does not turn so he or she sleeps much better. And so do we!


Very happy with this purchase!

I had been looking for a long time for a solution for my little daughter who turned on her stomach while sleeping but had not yet returned.
Because I was worried about this, I looked for something that would prevent her from turning over in her sleep.
Putting her between rolls didn't help at all because she just crawled over these.
The Sleep Wrap is the only thing that has helped so far!
She can sleep on her back as well as on her side. Super happy with this purchase!

Marie Lauren

Sleep safely...sleep well

The arrival of a baby stirs up feelings of anxiety in most parents. Is your baby lying warm and comfortable? Can he not slip under the bedding? Has he rolled over on his stomach and might not be able to go back? With the sleep wrap, you can be sure that your child is lying in bed in the same way in the morning as where you put him in the evening. And that makes sleeping a lot more comfortable....not only for your baby, but also for yourself.

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Why buy a sleep wrap?

Your baby has spent nine months safe and secure in your belly, feeling the safe embrace of the womb all the while.

The Sleep Wrap helps to provide this secure feeling. The cotton wrap that wraps around your baby's tummy gives your baby the warm, safe and snug feeling. This makes the transition from the womb to sleeping in their own bed less big and ensures better sleep.

Sleepwrap: The solution for all sleep problems

Babies sleep safest on their backs. Therefore, always put your baby to sleep on their back. But what if your baby does not stay on his back? And perhaps rolls over in the whole bed or even to the belly? In the Snoozzz Sleep Wrap, your baby sleeps safely and comfortably on his back or side without the danger of rolling over, slipping under the bedding or climbing out of bed at night. You can avoid the risk of tummy sleeping and the chance of a flattened head.

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Fits around any mattress

The Snoozzz Sleep Wrap consists of a mattress wrap and a baby wrap. Thanks to the Velcro fastener, the mattress cover is easy to attach and adjust to any mattress, even a single one. Very handy on vacation and for at grandma and grandpa's.

The included baby wrap is suitable for newborn babies up to 6 months. A larger wrap for babies from 6 to 24 months is available separately.

Easy to use sleepwrap

The Sleep Wrap is very easy to use, weighs 450 grams and is easy to fold and carry in your handbag. Accidents are not a problem! Because the cotton sleep wrap you can just wash in the washing machine at 60 degrees and can even tumble dry.

The good sleep can begin...

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And many more advantages

In short: the Snoozzz Sleep Wrap is a real must have for your child:

  • Make your baby and yourself feel safe and secure
  • Reduce the risk of a flattened head, tummy sleeping, slipping under bedding or climbing out of bed at night. 
  • Prevent crib death. 
  • Safe sleeping on your back or side.
  • Safe swaddling phasing out.
  • Especially suitable for reflux babies (in combination with the reflux pillow).
  • Fits around any mattress.
  • Handy for on the boat.
  • Can also be used with sleeping bag or swaddle blanket.
  • An accident in bed? No problem. The Sleeping Wrap is easy to wash at 60 degrees and it can be tumble dried. 

Combines well with

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