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Safe sleep for your baby

Babies sleep up to 20 hours a day. Sleep is a key element in a baby’s development. Factors that can cause sleep problems are colic, reflux, overstimulation, high sensitivity, crying baby, etc. This is very annoying, not only for your baby but also for you! A safe and quiet sleep environment is very important.

Snoozzz specializes in safe and comfortable sleeping for your baby.

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More than 40.000 baby’s worldwide sleep in a Snooozzz Sleepwrap.

snoozzz baby wedge

Baby wedge

The Snoozzz baby wedge also called anti-reflux pillow, let your baby sleep on an angle where the upper part of the body is slightly higher. This attitude brings relief from reflux and colds and is advised by doctors.

The Sleep positioner ensures your baby can not slip under the bedding.

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Sleeping bag

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Snoozzz sleeping bag
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The Snoozzz mattresses offer optimal support and ventilation wich is importanat for the safety of your child. Our unique removable cover can be washed at 60° Celsius. The Snoozz mattress fits a cot and is available in two variants.

Our mattresses are made in Europe and have been extensively tested.

Snoozzz is specialized in safe and comfortable sleeping for your baby.

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Our mattresses are made of breathable foam

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