Relax cover for nursing pillow

The Snoozzz relax cover turns your nursing pillow into a cosy baby nest in no time. The elastic band ensures that you can easily place the cover around the pillow and that it stays in place. Do you want a trendy teddy cover or rather a cotton hydrophilic cover?
Make your choice here.

A cosy baby nest

With the Snoozzz relax cover you can turn the Snoozzz pillow into a cosy baby nest in seconds. This way you can enjoy your pillow even longer.

Perfect support

The small microbeads of the Snoozzz nursing pillow feel like fine sand. This ensures that your baby is very comfortable and with the right support on the relax cover.

Learning to sit with the relaxcover

The cover is finished with elastic, so you can easily place the relax cover on the nursing pillow. The Snoozzz relax cover is not only useful as a baby nest, but also to let your child sit with extra support. Fun for your child and a great photo opportunity for you.

The best quality

All Snoozzz relax covers are Oek-tex 100 certified. This means they are safe for your child and there are no harmful substances in it. They are produced in Europe and carefully hand-packed one by one by lovely people who wish you and your child well.

Use the Snoozzz relax cover only when there is parental supervision. It is not a replacement for the cot.