Coussin anti-reflux pour bébé

Votre bébé souffre-t-il de reflux, de régurgitations ou d’un rhume ? Alors le coussin anti-reflux de Snoozzz offre un soulagement. Le coussin anti-reflux crée une pente naturelle dans le lit. Cela réduit le reflux du contenu de l’estomac dans l’œsophage, se qui peut être très gênant et douloureux pour votre bébé.

Lorsque votre bébé dort sur le coussin anti-reflux de Snoozzz, les problèmes de reflux et de régurgitations sont réduits. Le coussin de reflux, également connu sous le nom de coussin incliné, soulage également les rhumes, les infections respiratoires ou les otites et est recommandé par les médecins.


anti reflux kussen
Coussin anti-reflux pour bébé


Made in Europe, OEKO-TEX 100 certified

Easily removable and washable cover

Two year warranty

Ordered before 23:59, shipped within 2 days

Advised by doctors

Doctors advised the use of a reflux pillow. It makes sure that your child suffers less from reflux and spitting up. Reflux can cause food to flow from the stomach back into the oesophagus. This irritates the oesophagus. The reflux pillow, also known as an inclined pillow, also provides relief from colds, respiratory infections or ear infections.

Baby hellingskussen dokter

An incline pillow for a better sleeping position

Sleeping in a cot without a slope makes it easier for your baby's stomach contents to flow back into the oesophagus. It is important that nothing gets in their way during sleep and that your baby can breathe freely. A natural slope makes a big difference. A liquid like stomach acid cannot climb up the slope. The reflux pillow for your baby creates a natural slope in bed and reduces the backflow of stomach contents into the oesophagus. Your child is happy, we are happy.

Hygienic and comfortable

The reflux pillow for your baby is made of the best quality cold foam. It ventilates perfectly and gives the right support to your baby. This is important for a good development of the spine.

The soft, breathable cover of the incline pillow for your baby has been specially and safely treated to prevent the growth of dust mites, bacteria and mould. An accident in bed? No problem. The cover is washable at 60 degrees.

Snoozzz reflux kussen label
Snoozzz anti reflux kussen

Your baby cannot slip under the covers

Want to buy a Snoozzz reflux pillow? It provides relief for the whole family. The reflux pillow is easy to place on or under the head end of the mattress. Slipping under the sheets is a thing of the past when you use the reflux pillow in combination with the Snoozzz Slaapwikkel. It ensures that your child remains safe and secure in its place.

What an invention! Our son Levi has had reflux since birth.  Sleeping was a drama! Snoozzz has given us back our sleep and a happy baby. With the reflux pillow under the mattress and the sleep wrap around his tummy, he now sleeps wonderfully.

Sanne / Mama van Levi

At night, our daughter was already lying at an angle in her co-sleeper. We bought the Snoozzz Reflux pillow for daytime use in her playpen. It is perfect in terms of size and can be neatly tucked away under a playpen rug so it does not attract attention. And the most important thing of all: our little girl has been helped and does not suffer from reflux.

Mariska / Mama van een heel lief meisje

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