Nursing pillow Champagne

The multifunctional Snoozzz nursing pillow provides the right support where it is needed, so your body can fully relax and unwind. Can also be used as a maternity pillow, pregnancy pillow, side pillow, baby pillow or sleep buddy.

The size of the nursing pillow is 185 x 45 cm.

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Nursing pillow Champagne


Supportive and silent, filled with EPS microbeads 

Can also be used as a Maternity pillow  

Removable cover, washable at 40 degrees 

Fast worldwide delivery

Best tested Nursing Pillow

The Snoozzz Nursing Pillow has been tested best!
Thanks to its good support, noiseless filling and removable cover in various designs, the Snoozzz Nursing Pillow has been chosen as the best maternity pillow. This flexible pregnancy pillow is a real must have! 

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Feeding your baby, a happy moment...

The Snoozzz nursing pillow is easy to use in any shape or position and gives support where it is needed. It relieves your neck and shoulders and allows your baby to drink in a relaxed way.

Pregnancy Pillow....your sleep buddy!!

The Snoozzz pregnancy pillow is an ideal sleeping buddy. It gives support to your belly, back and legs during pregnancy. Thanks to its flexible shape, the maternity pillow is easy to adjust to your body. The soft, noiseless filling ensures a wonderful night's sleep.

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Tummy Time for your baby

Practicing tummy time helps babies develop the muscles necessary to lift their heads and, eventually, to sit up, crawl and walk. The Snoozzz Nursing Pillow is an excellent aid for this.

Remember: Back to sleep, Tummy to play

Filling of EPS Microbeads

The cotton inner cover is filled with EPS microbeads. These small microbeads feel like fine sand and provide extra comfort and support. After some time, it is possible and quite normal that the filling decreases and the pillow becomes flatter. That is why we have refill packs of 10 litres of EPS Microbeads, so that you can refill the Snoozzz nursing pillow to the desired thickness if you wish. The filling is done via the zip in the cotton inner cover.

The removable outer cover can be washed at 40 degrees in the washing machine.  Available in 30 different designs.


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