By Jeanette Swinkels | 17 July 2017

Summertime! Five tips to enjoy the sun and still be safe.

Most parents enjoying the sun.  But how can you enjoy these nice warm days with your baby? We have five tips for you without missing the pleasures of summer. Enjoy the summer!

Dress accordingly.  Do not overdress your baby and do not put a blanket on top of the baby in the stroller or car seat.  This can cause overheating. Dress your baby in one extra layer. Like a baby body. When the temperature is high, do not place an extra layer like a long sleeve shirt or a jacket.

Feed more often. The risk of dehydration is much higher with newborn babies. It is very important to give your baby enough fluid. When you breastfeed your baby, you can give a few extra feeds. When you bottle feed your baby mix some extra water with the formula.

Select destinations carefully.  When you want to go outside with your newborn baby, choose your destination wisely.  Avoid the heat during the day. Select indoor locations like local museums,  the mall or a restaurant.  In the evening outdoor destinations like the park are can be very nice.

Sun protection.  Keep in mind the skin of your newborn baby is very sensitive. Many pediatricians advice to avoid to us sunscreen on a baby skin. Avoid direct sunlight and always create a shade to protect your baby’s skin and eyes.  Use hats, car seat and stroller canopies, and UV Protective swimwear.

Have fun!

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