By Marieke Verschuren | 16 February 2017

Why it isn’t that bad to give birth in the winter

It’s always magical to give birth, regardless if it’s winter or summer. Well, giving birth itself isn’t always that magical, but seeing your baby for the very first time is! The opinions about giving birth in the winter vary, but we think the winter has its benefits as well.


Stay cozy inside
When that cute little human has just arrived in your life, you have all the time to cuddle. It’s cold enough outside to happily stay inside. You have more than enough time to get to know each other, in your pyamas, underneath the blankets.

Sleep well
Most of the people sleep better in the winter. Babies should do so too! And that’s good news right? Fewer sleepless nights. Maybe it has something to do with hibernation? Humans are mammals too right?

Time to recover
In the winter you have more than enough time to get ready for summer and get in shape for those beaches! Maybe by that time you have stopped breastfeeding and you can order your first wine at the terrace!

Warm outside
Are you ready to go outside and conquer the cold? That’s your chance to give your bundle of joy the cutest hat and gloves ever. And if you use a carrier, your newborn will keep you warm as well. In the summer a carrier is so hot and sweaty but now you have your own heat source with you.

Getting used to the sun
Your little baby isn’t used to the sun just yet. In the summer, the sun’s rays are too bright and you have to use sunblock a lot. In the winter your baby has the time to get used to the sun. And it’s better for your (pregnancy)skin as well.

A good workout
Walking outside during winter is a good workout. It’s cold so you might walk a lot faster because you’re eager to be inside and warm again. Get rid of those extra kilos and get ready for your first holiday!

In the winter you’ll also have less trouble with swollen feet and sweating in the heat with your big belly. Actually, kind of ideal if you think about it!

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