By | 2 February 2017

Soothing a sick child: some tips!

For parents it’s heartbreaking to see their child cry or in pain. With all the viruses at the moment, your child get’s sick easily. Most of the time you can only wait to let it pass. But as a parent you want to do something to help him right now. How can you sooth him to make him feel as comfortable as possible?


– Your child probably just wants to sit with you. Don’t let him cry too long when he wakes up or take him on your lap if he doesn’t want to sleep yet.
– Sing him a song or play some music to get him calm.
– Talk to him. Even if he doesn’t talk back yet, he just likes it to hear your voice.
– Take him on a short walk with the stroller or babycarrier. You’ll both get some fresh air and another surrounding which is nice for a while.
– Sit in a rocking chair or walk around swinging a little bit.
– Give your baby a little massage or strike his back or hands to sooth him.
– Sometimes it helps to wrap your baby to give him a safe and secure feeling and some piece of mind.
– Give your child something to look at, like a movie or book with sounds.
– Give your child something that sooths him, like a teddy-bear or blankie.
– Try to cheer him up a little bit by playing a little tickle game.
– Take your child with you in the shower if he likes that. He may find the warm water nice and when he just vomited, you can clean him easily.

When you don’t know what to do anymore to calm him, remind yourself that that’s totally normal and that you can ask for help. Maybe your mother, sister or friend can take turns so you can wash some clothes or prepare dinner. Or maybe they know something else you can try? And if you really think your kid needs a doctor, please visit one. Better safe than sorry!

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