By | 29 December 2016

Be prepared to deliver: what do you need to take to the hospital?

If you’re about to deliver in these busy, chaotic days, it’s nice to be prepared. Especially when it’s going to snow or freeze, the ride to the hospital can take a little longer and it will be even more important to leave your house quickly when it’s time to go. It’s allready exciting enough! Which products do you definitely need to take with you to the hospital?


For yourself:

  • Basic toileteries like a toothbrush, make-up, deodorant, lip balm etc.
  • Clean clothes for after you’ve given birth. Don’t forget some soft panties, your breast feeding bra and a t-shirt
  • Special clothes if you want to deliver in a goodlooking outfit, some warm socks can also be nice
  • A bathrobe, flipflops and a nightgown for if you have to stay overnight
  • A bottle of water and an energy bar or something like that for when you’re hungry
  • A book, magazine, tablet or something else to amuse yourself
  • Your id
  • A charger for your phone and perhaps a videocamera with its charger

For your baby:

  • A carseat with a nice warm blanket.
  • His first clothes: socks, a hat, warm jacket and a onesie. Take a onesie in two sizes because you don’t know allready which size fits.
  • A nice hooded towel to keep him warm.

Collect all those things when you’re no more then 37 weeks pregnant, even if you’re planning to deliver at home because you never know what is going to happen. Be prepared so you don’t have to do that inbetween your contractions!

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