By Jeanette Swinkels | 15 December 2016

How to keep your baby warm

When you just had your first child, everything is new and exciting. How do I hold him firm but gently? How often does he have to eat? What do I do when he cries? When your baby is born during those cold days, and on every other day, you’re gonna wonder if he’s not too cold or warm and how you can keep him warm. Too cold is not good but too warm neither. Oh dear, can I get a manual…? We’re glad to give you some tips for the first weeks.

The temperature in the room
During the first days it’s important to keep the temperature in your babies room around 20/21 degrees Celsius during the day and around 19 degrees Celsius during the night. After those critical days you can slowly move the temperature towards 17 degrees Celsius. Are you planning on doing a newborn shoot? Be sure the room of your baby is warm enough for the shoot, especially when you’re taking pictures of your baby without clothes. He will surely pee when it’s too cold in the room!

Bed linen and hot water bottles
Which bed linen do you need for your baby and how much? A newborn doesn’t use a pyjama yet, he goes to bed in the same clothes he wore all day. During autumn and winter you can use a sheet and 2 blankets. Also in summer you often need those blankets because you’re baby is simply too small to keep himself warm. You can also use hot water bottles when your baby is too cold. You can feel his temperature in his neck. Always be sure the hot water bottles are closed firmly. Put the hot water bottles underneath the blankets before your baby goes to sleep and when you put your baby to bed you can leave the hot water bottles on top of the blankets, on the side of the bed.

During his first week your baby can wear a diaper, pants, shirt, socks and hat. When your baby comes out of bed you can use a warm cape or hooded towel to keep him warm. Your baby doesn’t move that much yet so he gets cold easily. Also use a hooded towel when he comes out of bath.

With these tips those first days are easy peasy!

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