Babies sleep a lot! That is important for their development. But how do you make sure that your baby sleeps well in its own bed? And how can you be sure that your child is sleeping safely? The Sleep Wrap can help you with this. It is a cotton wrap in which you can put your baby to sleep safely and comfortably on his back or side.In this blog I will give you 10 advantages of putting your baby to sleep in the Sleep Wrap. 

1 – A better night’s sleep for your baby… and you

The arrival of a baby stirs up feelings of anxiety in most parents. Is your baby lying warm and comfortable? Can he not slip under the bedding? Has he rolled over on his tummy and might he not be able to go back?With the sleep wrap, you can be sure that your baby will lie in his bed in the morning in the same position as when you put him down at night. And that makes sleeping a lot easier…not only for your baby, but also for you. 

2 – Prevents stomach sleeping

Babies sleep safest on their backs. Therefore, always put your baby to sleep on its back.But what if your baby doesn’t stay on his back? And perhaps rolls over in the whole bed or even to the belly? Then the Sleep Wrap is a perfect aid. In the Sleep Wrap, your baby sleeps safely on his back and cannot turn over to his stomach. This not only reduces the risk of cot death. It also ensures better sleep for your baby and for you.

security baby womb

3 – Gives security – just like in the womb

Your baby has been safe and secure in your belly for nine months, feeling the safe embrace of the womb all the while.After birth, your baby enters a very big world and may miss the safe, warm and secure womb.The Sleep Wrap helps to give this feeling of security. The cotton wrap around your baby’s tummy gives them a warm, safe and cosy feeling. This makes the transition from the womb to sleeping in their own bed less big and ensures a better sleep. 

4 – Your baby sleeps safely on a slope

Does your baby suffer from reflux, frequent spitting up or a cold? Then it may help to put your baby to sleep on a cot.But you run the risk of your baby sliding down and getting under the covers.This cannot happen in the sleep wrap. The Sleep Wrap ensures that your baby sleeps safely on the slope and suffers less from reflux, spitting up or colds. 

5 – Reduces the risk of a tilted or flattened head

Does your baby suffer from a preferred posture which results in a lopsided or flattened head? The advice is to let your baby sleep on its back with its head turned to the non-preferred side.But what if this does not work? And despite several attempts and repositioning of the cot, your baby’s head keeps turning back to the preferred side.Then the Sleep Wrap can help. In the sleep wrap, you lay your baby safely on his side with his head on the non-preferred side, which reduces a tilted or flattened head. 

6 – Fits (almost) any mattress

That is easy! You do not need a separate mattress or cot, because the sleep wrap can be used for a cot mattress, cot mattress and single mattress.It is a cotton wrap that you attach to the mattress with Velcro. Thanks to the adjustable Velcro strap, this mattress wrapper fits around any cot mattress and cot mattress.And even to a single mattress when you have the Travel size. Camping bed in bag

7 – Easy to carry (fits in your handbag)

Lugging a camping bed around is a thing of the past when you use the sleep wrap. Because the sleeping wrap weighs only 600 grams and fits easily into your handbag.So you always have your camp bed to hand. How handy is that?!  

8 – Does not restrict your baby’s development

A newborn baby cannot see very well yet. They use their hands and feet to explore their surroundings and they love having skin contact. This is also important for your baby’s development. In the Sleep Wrap your baby’s arms and legs are free. Your baby is not restricted in its movement, which is better for its development. 

9 – For use from birth to 24 months

When you are pregnant, you suddenly have to buy a lot of things. Some things you only use for a few months and sometimes only for a few weeks!The sleep wrap is a one-off purchase and can be used from birth to 24 months. Not only the mattress cover has adjustable Velcro straps, but also the baby cover, which goes around your baby’s body, can be adjusted with Velcro and grows with your baby. And when your baby grows up and no longer fits into the baby wrap? (Often around 6 months). Then you can change the baby wrap for the child wrap, which you can use up to 24 months.  

10 – Easy to wash in the washing machine

Accidents in bed? No problem!The Sleep Wrap is made of 100% cotton and is easy to wash in the washing machine at 60 degrees. It can also be tumble dried. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to let your baby sleep in the Sleep Wrap.Do not hesitate, because there are no disadvantages.The sooner you start, the better your sleep. 

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