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The birth of Snoozzz

After the birth of our son Ralph, it was done with both Ralph's sleep and our sleep as Ralph's parents. Sleepless nights were a fact.... Ralph was a happy, mobile baby ... even in bed. So it happened regularly that Ralph was stuck with his arms or legs between the bars of the crib, or that he was lying with his head at the foot end. Then he would cry and we would put him right again. Even when he wasn't crying, I regularly went to check if everything was alright with Ralph.

The demand for a Snoozzz sleep wrap

The uncertainty, the fear that something terrible could happen grew. On the advice of the counseling office we used several swaddling cloths, but that was nothing for Ralph. He was far too happy and mobile for that and did not want to be confined. Using a swaddle cloth was also dangerous because Ralph could roll over to his tummy very quickly.

Snoozzz sleep wrap in practice

Eventually we made our own wrap for Ralph to sleep safely on his back in which he could move his arms and legs freely: The first Sleep Wrap... What an invention! Ralph got the security he needed without any restrictions in his freedom of movement. Well-deserved sleep for Ralph ... and for us was a reality! Wonderful to be able to enjoy a happy sleep-deprived baby, who slept happily in his unique sleep wrap for a long time.

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Baby Product of the Year

Because we received many positive reactions to our invention "the Sleep Wrap" from our surroundings, we decided to test our idea at the world's largest baby trade fair "Kind und Jugend" in Cologne. We were enthusiastically received. In fact, our idea was so well received that it was nominated for "best baby product of the year" even before it was in production.

Full-time for Snoozzz

It was just an idea! We decided to take the plunge and quit our jobs, into the adventure. And every day we are still working on our products as a family business with great passion and pleasure.

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Meanwhile, the Snoozzz sleep wrap is sold worldwide and used with the greatest pleasure. Since 2015, more than 400,000 babies around the world sleep in a Snoozzz sleep wrap, from Europe to Asia. Our sleep wrap is also available in the United States and Canada, under the name Reste.

A helping hand for mum!

The sleep wrap has already helped many babies and parents get better sleep and more confidence. That makes us happy! But...we are not standing still. We have developed more beautiful and safe products that make it easier for you to raise your baby. So you can enjoy it even more!

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